The All-New Optima Hybrid at Phoenix AZ Kia Dealers

Along with world-class styling, performance and   safety, Kia has made a commitment to affordable state-of-the-art hybrid   technology.  So you won't have to sacrifice anything in pursuit of   environmental responsibility and better fuel efficiency.  Learn more   about Kia's unique technology and find out why the Optima Hybrid is not   your average hybrid.

MOTOR & BATTERY The electric motor can operate the   car in EV (electronic-only) mode, running strictly on energy stored in   the battery.  It also assists the gas engine in hybrid operation,   reducing fuel consumption.  The advanced lithium polymer battery is   lighter, more compact and more powerful than all other hybrid batteries.  
START The all-new Optima Hybrid can either  launch from a stop in EV mode up to 30 mph or it can use its Idle stop and go  technology to operate in either EV or gas/electric (hybrid) mode depending on  driving conditions and desired acceleration.

UPHILL While on an incline the Optima Hybrid uses both gas and  electric power to deliver and/or maintain desired performance.

DOWNHILL When driving downhill, the Optima Hybrid takes advantage  of its electric power using Idle stop and go technology. If the gas engine is  not needed, it will shut off automatically to conserve fuel. In addition, any  time the brakes are applied the Regenerative Braking System charges the  battery.
POWER RATION GAUGE Features several displays that notify you when the vehicle is operating with the electric motor or with the gas engine. The Power Reserve screen shows that while the engine powers the vehicle, it also recharges the hybrid battery. The Regeneration screen displays how much the regenerative battery-charging system recharges the hybrid battery each time you brake.

ECO LEVEL The Supervision meter cluster includes a readout of the vehicle's performance. The more economically you drive, the more leaves/flowers appear. When the ECO level reaches the top, the system registers a point toward the saved ECO Score. As your score increases, more leaves illuminate. The cluster also calculates instant fuel economy ever 2.5 minutes for increased fuel efficiency.
PERFORMANCE With class-leading 40mpg highway1 and class-leading 206 total horsepower1 the Hybrid offers a level of performance & efficiency its primary competitors like the Camry, Accord and Fusion just cannot match. Not only that, the all-new Optima Hybrid possesses every bit as much power as its non-hybrid counterpart.

PREMIUM TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE2 Includes a long list of items like a seven-inch high-resolution touch screen display on the center console that shows helpful information such as the amount of mpg you are currently using, along with your trip's average mpg. It also features a rear-camera display and navigation system.
HYBRID SYSTEM GUIDE The Premium Technology Package2 has various enhanced LCD display screens to help you monitor your driving and hybrid operation system. These help you maximize overall fuel efficiency and develop fuel-efficient driving habits, which will save you money.

THE ALL-NEW 2011 OPTIMA HYBRID Easy on fuel and heavy on adrenaline Kia's first ever Hybrid is designed to look just as sharp as its non-hybrid sibling. Plus with class-leading 206 total horsepower, class-leading 40 MPG/HWY1 and a long list of thoughtful luxury and advanced technology, it's easy to see why it is not your average hybrid.

1Class-leading claims based on comparison as of July 2011 to 2011 hybrid midsize sedans. 2011 Optima Hybrid EPA fuel-economy estimates 35 city/40 highway mpg. Actual mileage may vary. Optima Hybrid total power output is 206 hoursepower.
2Optional Premium Technology Package.